Still hungry for more Wasted Lands action? Then satiate your craving with these exciting previews:

The Wasted Lands Preview Book: coming this August from Rolling Thunder! A comic book size collection of Dave's sketches and stories of past and future Wasted Land characters.

Death Before Breakfast--a short story by Del Stone Jr. featuring Iguana (available in the Merchandise section).

Mortal City is paralyzed in fear as people are being abducted and their organs harvested from them while they are still alive. It will take the unorthodox crime-solving ploys of local "repairman" Iguana to put a stranglehold on the twisted perpetrators and save hundreds of lives.

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The Uninvited-- a horror novel by Del Stone jr. featuring M. d'Cease (available soon)

The Drones are dying mysteriously and M. d’Cease is on the verge of diagnosing the cause and uncovering the evil culprits behind the outbreak…until she becomes infected. It’s a race against time through the most terrifying pockets of Mortal City to find the cure and stop the carnage.

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RAIL: Broken Things-- available now!

Check out some of the colored pages for graphic novel RAIL: Broken Things

NEW-- take a look at the ORIGINAL cover for the RAIL graphic novel!