Fate. Desire. Disillusion. Reconstruction. Welcome to the Wasted unforgettable place and time where passion, greed, corruption and valor color everyday existence...where ordinary men, eccentric heroes and their horrific adversaries battle for power...and for the future of mankind.

On the map, The Wasted Lands encompass Mortal City--a megalopolis of industrial overgrowth and decay, and RAIL--the expansive outback linked to Mortal City via the vast rail systems. These railways are a lifeline to civilization...and a catalyst for avarice.

The Iron Wars have ended and the citizens are trapped in a daily struggle to maintain their sanity in a morally and culturally corrupt society. Though disillusioned, a handful have chosen to put order to the chaos. The answer lies in an ordinary stone, broken into fragments and scattered throughout the Wasted Lands. Once joined together, the world will behold the stone impaled with the resurrected sword from which legends were forged...the catalyst to reveal the one true leader who will guide the reconstruction of humanity...but who is he? Or she?